Should the NSA be allowed to spy on online games?


What is the most hyped game of 2015?


Attacking a massive, diverse, culture for a shitty minority who give the rest a bad name is NOT a good way to illicit change.


Will Amazon Ruin Twitch?


We need topics and questions!

We need topics and questions for the next #Savepoint!

Have any video game related questions for us?


Are video game remakes and remasters a good thing? On #Savepoint!


Dear Tumblr,

No. My Dash is not literally on fire. That is impossible. You stupid bastards.


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Video game topics and questions!

t’s time again for us to film a new #Savepoint, we need questions or topics from you guys about gaming. What should we talk about?


Why can’t video game and comic book villains be Racist/Sexist/or otherwise prejudice?

In this episode of the podcast we talk about the serious subject of why bad characters are not portrayed with real life bad characteristics. 

We also talk about X-Men, Mortal Kombat and other stuffs.


Gaming Discussion Topics!

We need video game topics for our next discussion video #savepoint. What should we talk about?



Metal Gear School 3: What Eater?

This game continues to be crazy confusing.

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